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The Vine Showroom: Exclusive Merch

I've always loved clothes, ever since I was young. I believe my appreciation of clothing, t-shirts, pants, hats, shoes, etc. has assisted me in getting my creativity to where it is today. Of course, that means spending a lot on clothes I don't need but fashion can be a great source of inspiration for design in multiple mediums.

I came up with an idea for The Vine Showroom that I've been trying to piece together for a while now. The Vine Showroom is a venue I work with on most of my professional projects, such as the Gig Posters which is one of my favorite running opportunities currently. I wanted to extend their branding through another design channel and of course, what better way to do that than merch! I mean, every single band, comedian, or music group that comes through that venue has their merch to sell so why not have exclusive Vine Showroom merch?

Once the project was given the green light, I got right to work on the design which, to be honest, I already knew exactly what it should be..

Vine Showroom Adobe Design

Being that I already do the gig posters, I thought we could really utilize the signatures that are on those. Something that highlights all high-quality talent that comes through the venue. The Vine Showroom is a prestigious venue in the upstate New York area and this was a way we could showcase that and give customers something that would resonate with them even if they didn't attend one of the shows represented.

I included acts such as Matt Rife, Trace Adkins, Boyz II Men, Cole Swindell, Jay Leno, Ludacris, and more. The signatures were made with a mix of tracing/re-creating through Adobe Illustrator. I used a purchased font for the headliner "Home of Premium Entertainment" I felt like it was a call back to the early 2000s era with DVD rental businesses like Blockbuster. I added a red le fleur logo at the bottom to coincide with The Vine Showroom logo which has a red and white color palette, it's also what is printed on the front of the shirt.

Once approved, it was time to pick which blank would be the best. I wanted to go with a brand that the company didn't use as regularly, they are used to brands like Gildan and Fruit of the Loom. Being the shirt connoisseur I am, I immediately landed with Comfort Colors. It's a great brand, their shirts fit a little oversized, but they are comfy and roomy, have a nice wash to them, and hold up well plus the color "pepper" is the most commonly used color to get that nice vintage look.

There we have it. Regarding the final versions of the exclusive Vine Showroom t-shirts, I'm super happy with the mockups, and thankfully so did the team over at del Lago. After getting approvals, it was time to send them off to print and get the product in-house which you can see below.

Another successful project seen through to the end. Thank you to del Lago Resort and Casino for trusting me with this. These shirts are available in the Galleria for $25 and make sure to look out on their social platforms for your chance to win your own through their giveaways.

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